A Note From Katie: 

I may manage the band but we work together, and it shows on stage. That is the main reason we call ourselves The Lucky Seven. It is rare to find the kind of united energy we bring to the table. We all feel truly Lucky to be here.

Having live, experienced musicians at your event or venue can create the mood that you are striving for. But, our talents aren't  just musical. We can be as involved, or uninvolved, as you would like, from handling announcements to assisting early on with event planning, sound, lighting, you name it. We have marketing gurus and sound technicians in our ranks.

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your event, and your guests to have as much fun as we do... and we do. This is our passion.



Jon Freyer- Lead Male and Backup Vocalist


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Katie Alosi  - Lead Female and Backup Vocalist

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Katie grew up in a house filled with music. In each room a different era could be heard. Everything from her father’s Big Band sounds, mom’s Country, 50’s Sock Hops, and 60’s Folk, brother’s Classic Rock and her radio playing Modern Pop. It was as if they needed music just to function. With both parents being musicians it was no surprise that  Katie became a musician as well. Each night lullabies were sung together in rounds and harmonies.
Katie started performing in public, in church, at around three or four years old in Susanville, CA. From there she participated in church and community events as a soloist, within choral groups, worship teams, competitions, and in musical theater. “There is an immense amount of musical talent in Lassen County. I am
so thankful that they shared their knowledge with me.”

After a move to Sacramento she was the front woman for the Drum & Base/ Trance band, Dance The Moon. The Bassist from that band, Jim Sandelius, was instrumental in inspiring Katie to release an album of her originals. As a team they assembled some amazing recording artists to create the Adult Contemporary album, I Wonder If I’ll Die Here, currently available at and YouTube. After Jim’s untimely passing, Katie wanted to try something completely different and she became the front woman for the 90’s Rock cover band, Idle Aegis.

In 2011 her brother was asked to assemble one of his older music projects to play
at a high school reunion. With few of the original members available, a new Hard Rock group, Blackbane, was assembled with Katie included. The group decided to progress and soon expanded into two bands The Lucky Seven being one of them.  “I love these people and this music.” says Katie of the new line up and their Modern Dance, Pop, Rock style, “This is definitely where I belong.”  Katie is one of the vocalists for The Lucky Seven and also manages the band. She would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Chuck Moré - Lead Guitarist, Lead and Backup Vocalist

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Chuck Moré has been a guitarist on the bay area music scene for more than 28 years. Chuck has performed and recorded with members of Santana, Mariah Carey, Poison, Night Ranger, Mahavishnu, The Automator, Steve Miller Band, Y&T and more.

Chuck has studied under Joe Satriani, Jask Eskridge, Keith Allen, and Jeff Tamelier. Chuck also teaches when he has time, offering a confidence building combination of guitar, music business, marketing, and songwriting. He is currently accepting students at all levels.

As a founding member of Castle Blak, Roulette, and Slam!, Chuck’s Music has been recorded and distributed internationally.

Chuck is also the founder of CMG Ltd. a music production, management, mentoring, and promotions company. He contributes much of his time promoting the value of music to anyone and everyone.

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Jon Kay - Rhythm Guitarist, Percussionist

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Purely driven by personal inspiration and motivation, Jon decided at age 13 to become a musician. He bought a guitar and taught himself to play. He learned how to read tabs in Guitar World Magazine and it was on!

He cites his musical influences as Metal and Reggae. Since that time, Jon has multiplied his talents  exponentially. You can find him mixing sound,  adding percussion, and even playing the Ukulele!

Jon is the  second founding member of the Lucky seven arranging the set lists, sound equipment, and sound staff.

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Tina Rhodes - Bassist


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Keywan R- Drums

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Some musicians in The Lucky Seven are not always with them for every show. But they are still an integral part of what they do and you may see them from time to time depending on scheduling, venues, genres, etc. The following tabs are the extended members of The Lucky Seven Family!

With  that said, here's a reminder that The Lucky Seven can do anything from pared down acoustic sets to fully modern pop rock stage shows and everything in between!


Holiday Shows

Private Parties


Bars and Clubs

Any place you need music!



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Dan Callanan - Lead Male and Backup Vocalist

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As the youngest of 5 children Dan has always sought out attention, looking for ways to entertain. Throughout High School he was part of a traveling musical “pop group.”  In college he played Rugby and sang with friends from around the world. He has never shied away from taking center stage, when given the opportunity.

For five summers Dan was the announcer for the National Champion, Hydroflites waterski show team.  As announcer, Dan lead musically choreographed stage and water performances, including plenty of singing and dancing and guided the audience through the show acts, introducing performers and sponsors on the shores of Lake Chetek, Wisconsin.  “It’s a spectacular location and my water skiing ability [lack of] ensured I remained on stage, which is right where I wanted to be.”

In a former life, Dan spent years working in television as a photographer. This gave him the opportunity to travel the world and witness events up close-like Super Bowl XXXI, 1998 NBA finals, 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics all on the sidelines and in the locker rooms. He was able to further hone his entertainment skills, after the birth of his daughter as the “frontman” for his family.

Having relocated several times, Dan, his wife and his daughter find themselves loving their new life in Northern California.  “We feel very fortunate to be here surrounded by so many great people.” Now as the frontman for The Lucky Seven Band, he is performing with an established group of talented musicians and continues his quest to entertain.

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Mark Brown - Keyboardist

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Eric Everett - Drums


Eric’s interest and his knack for music began in his early years.  As a youth with his mom’s encouragement he learned to play the recorder and the basics on the piano, where he also learned the basics of timing and how to count.  He started playing the drums when he was 12 years old and by the time he hit 8th grade he was the drummer for his Junior High School’s stage band.  By this time he had already made up his mind that what he was going to do with his life was to be a drummer.  While at Gardena High School in Los Angeles Eric was selected as a member of the L.A. All-City Marching Band and performed in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena , which was a huge honor.  From that point forward Eric has continued to study and polish his reading and drumming skills.  Some of Eric’s early influences were Miles Davis, Sly and the Family Stone, Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Nancy Wilson, and Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters and Man-child.

Over the years Eric has performed with multiple artists doing various styles of music in venues throughout the United States and abroad, including Paris, France; and Cancun, Mexico, and has a lot of recording experience, with at least two projects currently in the works. He has had the opportunity to play with a number of known artists including renowned jazz bassist Henry “The Skipper” Franklin , Ivan Najera, Spencer Sherod, Akimbo, and smooth jazz artist Roger Smith. He played at the Kria World Fusion Music and Dance Concert at the Santa Clara Convention Center in September 2008 with master percussionist and composer, Abhishek Basu, and Grammy nominated Santoor player, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya. Eric even played “the drummer” on an episode of the David E. Kelly FOX TV show “The Wedding Bells” in March 2007.

For those who know Eric he goes by the nickname “E” and is known for his enthusiastic and charismatic performance, his great timing and excellent footwork, as well as his bright smile, positive outlook and his“Joie de vivre" or love and joy of life.  “E” believes in giving an inspired performance every time whether to an audience of 10 or 10,000 with the goal of making the band sound the best it can and making the audience feel the music and be inspired by it.

Eric truly loves music and playing the drums, which is why he also shares his knowledge and skills by teaching others to play the drums.  He is known as a great and caring teacher and has students who continue to call on him today for lessons or to ask him to come to a performance.  He is proud of his students and loves to encourage and inspire young and old alike to follow their dreams.

Eric has a great appreciation for all genres of music and has dedicated himself to being a versatile drummer who can play many diverse styles of music, including jazz, funk, Rhythm & Blues, Afro-Cuban, Latin jazz, Brazilian and African grooves, pop, rock, world beat and reggae.  He believes in music as the universal language that has the power to lift people up and to make the world a better place.



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