What People Are Saying


"Lucky Seven is a great band that loves to have fun!
They play lots of  Rock that we can party to plus they
are gonna maybe give us a little country!"

- Letty Garrison of Lettypalooza


"Thank you and your band The Lucky Seven
for a great show and celebrating our birthday.
Last night was awesome." 

- Cheryl Stuckey  of Stuckey's


"Can't wait to hear you guys play!
Love the set list!" 

- Laurie Dale


"Can't wait to have you play again!"

- Sophie Kyla Levy of Padme Yoga Center
(Chuck and Katie's acoustic set)

"You two were great!
A wonderful way to end class!"

- Serra Mentessi of Padme Yoga Center
(Chuck and Katie's acoustic set)


"You all rocked Lettypalooza last night!!"

-Mary Ann Scott of Lettypalooza


Gonna be good. Check this band out. They ain't doin what everybody else is doing.

- Robert Backus Keyboardist for Tragically White


I've seen them at The Folsom Hotel. Their enthusiasm, energy and genuine charisma is contagious!

- Tine F., Rancho Cordova, CA (via Yelp)